Chapter History
On May 12, 1904 Acacia Fraternity was founded by fourteen Master Masons at the University of Michigan. At that point, membership was restricted to people who had taken Masonic Obligations, and built on those ideals and principles. Today, Acacia Fraternity membership does not require being a Freemason, but does ask of high scholarship and active human services. WSU Acacia was founded on December 7, 1935. Acacia's house was originally located at 725 NE Ruby Street from 1935 to 1995. Due to an inadequate number of new members Acacia at WSU was shut down. In 2008, Acacia began to re-colonize at 1005 NE Indiana Street. Acacia is currently looking forward to moving to a larger Fraternity house at 835 NE B Street in June 2011.

Scholarship Information 
Acacia offers scholarships for Human Service and incoming members.
The Les Liebel scholarship is also given to current members.

Fraternity Facts 
Acacia's motto is "Human Service Our values are Wisdom, Truth, and Knowledge". Re-colonizing at WSU occurred in fall of 2008. The chapter was one of two Fraternities to have 80% of members to complete the required 8 hours of community service in the fall semester 2010. Acacia at WSU requires 12 hours of community service a semester to remain within the chapter. Well-known alumni of Acacia Fraternity include: William Howard Taft, Yale '13 - 27th President of the United States of America, Gary Patterson, Kansas State '80 - Head Football Coach, TCU (Current), Donald "Gene" Conley, Washington State '49 - Professional Baseball Player and Basketball Player, Harry "Skillet" Leslie, Purdue '07 - Governor of
Indiana, John F. Hoffner, Purdue '66 - Executive VP and CFO, Jack in the Box Inc., W. Elmer Ekblaw, Illinois '07 - Originator of "Homecoming", Clifton Hillegass, Nebraska '38 - Creator of CliffsNotes.