La Hermandad De O eMe Te

Cipactli Familia

EST. 1996


La Hermandad De O eMe Te is a Nahualt (Aztec) lettered brotherhood. Its purpose is:

  • To Serve as a support group for its undergraduate membership, encouraging the membership to grow, learn, mature, and eventually graduate, with and undergraduate degree.

  • To support and defend the human and social rights of the Chicano/Mexicano/Latino communities and all people of color.

  • To instill the four Pillars: Culture, Wisdom, Empowerment, Carnalismo and the values associated with each pillar in the hearts of O eMe Te's undergraduate Carnales.

  • To increase the number of educated Chicanos/Mexicanos/Latinos with undergraduate and graduate degrees.

  • To create and buld a network of the educated Raza whose post-collegiate political, educational, professional and business experience can be directed towards the continued empowerment of our Chicano/Mexicano/Latino communities.