Celebrating Our Identity

This year, the United Greek Council has selected a centralized theme for all our goals: Celebrating Our Identity.  All of our actions will be centered around this concept of celebrating who we are as individuals, organizations, and a community here at WSU.

1. Implement Strategic Plan & Restructure UGA Delegate Position


2. Celebrate Our IDENTITY Through Community Building Events


3. Create and Implement Risk Management Plan


4. Generate Community Involvement Opportunities


5. Increase Academic Excellence Across all Membership Levels


6. Expand UGC Financial Capabilities through Large-Scale Fundraising Efforts


7. Foster Community Service & Civic Engagement across the WSU & Pullman Community


8. Extend Outreach, Visibility & Recruitment Skill Development for all Organizations


9. Expand Programming Opportunities to Better Reflect Community Needs


10. Cultivate Leadership Development Opportunities for All Members