Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc.


About Alpha Psi Lambda

Alpha Psi Lambda was founded in 1985 on the campus of the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  Since then the organization has grown to include over 2,300 members, 25 collegiate chapters in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky and Texas and 7 alumni associations. The expansion of Alpha Psi Lambda to universities across the country extends its influence more and more each year.

We are a co-educational fraternity geared towards the goals of Latino students on university campuses. As the fastest growing minority in this country, it is becoming more and more important that the Latino community continue their education. This trend has also brought with it a need for cultural awareness, cultural identity, and cross cultural understanding. As a result, there is an increases need for Alpha Psi Lambda for which we try to assist in the identity of our culture. This trend has been demonstrated by the growth of our fraternity. 

The Latino culture is very strongly rooted in family and support, which allows Alpha Psi Lambda to provide those same roots to our fraternity. Alpha Psi Lambda, to its members, is more than just a fraternity. It creates that true family support, brotherhood and sisterhood, at a time in a student's life when it is most important. We assist in the transformation from a young adult to adulthood, always emphasizing our values of Pride, Service, Education, and Unity.

Although we are a Latino interest fraternity, Alpha Psi Lambda has welcomed people from a broad spectrum of cultures including, Latin American, Caribbean, European, Asian, and American. Alpha Psi Lambda stands as one family united. Our strength lies in our ability to focus on our culture while appreciating the diversity of others.