Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority Inc.

Sister of the Month

Daniela Carroll-Sanchez

February 2018


Here is what some sisters had to say about Daniela:

“She has done a great job as educator and keeping her personal life as a separate entity even though she has a lot going on” 

"Daniela has a lot going on in her personal life and her school life. Through it all she seems to still have a smile on her face and not let the issues in her life get in the way of what she needs to do. She motivates me everyday because she also helps people like Sarai on her homework.”

"The reason for that is because despite the time in her life right now, she still manages together and keep going with her responsibilities. It takes someone with lots of courage to do that."

"Her strong passion toward gamma, and for doing an great job in balancing work, personal life and her position"

"Our sister has shown dedication and commitment to the organization even when life is not going well. Upon Daniela being educator, she was shown motivation to help the potential new members."