Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority Inc.

Meet the Ladies of Gamma Alpha Omega

Psi Class 

Sister: Rocio Bahena "Feroz Orgullosa #4"
Crossed: Fall 2014
Year: Senior
Major: Criminal Justice and SociologyMinor: Psychology
Hometown: Pasco, Washington

Rocio: “I chose Gamma Alpha Omega because of its professionalism, support, and networking. I also chose Gamma because I wanted to be part of a well-respected legacy that I could pass down to my sisters, and Gamma Alpha Omega Was the perfect one. I know I made the right choice and I'm proud to say that I'm a Gamma!”

Alpha Alpha Class 

Sister: Abigail George "Combustion #3"
Crossed: Spring 2015
Year: Senior
Major: Criminal Justice and Political Science
Hometown: Yakima, WA

Abigail: "I chose Gamma because of all the opportunities and sisterhood it provided. From the beginning Gamma captivated me and everything about what Gamma stood for spoke to me. This is what made me realize this was the organization for me."

Alpha Beta Class 

Sister: Jayda Moore “Wild Flower #2”
Crossed: Fall 2015
Year: Senior
Major: Pre-Law Philosophy and General Political ScienceMinor: History
Hometown: Kapolei, HI

Jayda: "The reason I chose Gamma was because of the values and the spirit of the sorority. The values of this sorority are the same ones that have guided my life and my decisions. I knew I wanted to surround myself with women that believe in the same things I do and I wanted to continue to grow into an independent and honest young woman that could become a stronger leader that would help strengthen other women."

Sister: Lynda Rodriguez “Bona Fide #4”
Crossed: Fall 2015
Year: Junior
Major: Finance/Accounting
Hometown: Pasco, WA

Lynda: "I joined GAO because of the sisterhood and the pillars. Throughout my life I’ve had people who do not have the same values as me so being surrounded by women who believe what I believe encourages me to live by these values every day."

Sister: Adilenne Villanueva “Firefly #5”
Crossed: Fall 2015 Year: Senior
Major: Human Development and Spanish
Minor: Comparative Ethnic Studies
Hometown: White Swan, Washington

Adilenne: "The reason I chose Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority, Inc. was because I came to WSU looking for strong, independent, hardworking ladies that have values in their life similar to me, I found that in this sorority. I wanted to surround myself with positive individuals that could help me grow as a person. I knew that by joining this sorority I would have encouragement, support, and a loving family. A family that would be there for me to share my joys, and achievements. By being part of the Gammas I knew that I would continue to become a strong, independent, young woman who would be there to encourage others and continue to grow as a leader."

Alpha Gamma Class

Sister: Maria Zuniga "Kawaakari #2"
Crossed: Spring 2016
Year: Senior Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology
Hometown: Pasco, WA

Maria: "I decided to pledge for Gamma Alpha Omega because I wanted to surround myself with women who share the same values and goals as me. As well as to grow professionally.

Sister: Teresa Zaragoza "Poetic Justice #4"
Crossed: Spring 2016
Year: Junior
Major: Sport Management
Minor: Business Administration
Hometown: Union Gap, WA

Teresa: "I joined Gamma because I not only found a home away from home within the sisterhood, but also found women with the same values that have truly inspired me to better myself as a professional, confident individual."

Sister: Karina Elizarraraz "Amari #5"
Crossed: Spring 2016 Alpha Gamma Line
Year: Senior
Major: General Studies
Emphasizing: Psychology, Human Development, and Business Administration  
Hometown: Warden, WA

Karina: " I pledged Gamma Alpha Omega for the sisterhood, professionalism, integrity, and their fierceness."

Alpha Delta Class

Sister: Itzeli Rodriguez "Alma'rdiente #1"
Crossed: Fall 2016

Year: Junior
Major: Psychology and Spanish
Hometown: Walla Walla, WA

Itzeli: I pledged because I was looking for a place of belonging and I found it in Gamma, I also wanted the unconditional support and sisterhood, a place I can call home and an organization that would help me become a better individual

Sister: Maricielo Tamayo "Rayo Inquieto #3"
Crossed: Fall 2016
Year: Senior
Major: Criminal Justice and Spanish
Hometown: Renton, WA

Maricielo: To find that family and support here in Pullman

Sister: Daniela Carroll-Sanchez "Lucida #4"
Crossed: Fall 2016 
Major: Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Math
Hometown: Omak, WA
Year: Junior

Daniela: I pledged to find a support system away from home, and to find a family when I need it the most.